Why choose a hot water high-pressure cleaner for your business

hot water high-pressure cleaner

Keeping workplaces clean such as small businesses, workshops, carpentries, body shops and warehouses is a prerequisite for working well and safely. Within these places, it becomes essential to rely on 

professional cleaning products that simplify and speed up every task, supporting the usual pace of work.

An indispensable tool for this kind of situation is the professional hot water high-pressure cleaner which, using the power of the jet and high temperature, works on all kinds of dirt, by effectively and quickly removing even the toughest dirt, such as grease and oily substances. Let's find out all the benefits of Lavor professional high-pressure cleaners and how to choose the perfect model for your business.

What is a high-pressure cleaner?

The high-pressure cleaner is a cleaning tool that makes it easier and faster to remove dirt from all kinds of outdoor surfaces by harnessing the power of the high-pressure water jet. Using this tool, the operator does not make any kind of effort, achieving an excellent result in just one go.

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Depending on their features and design, high-pressure cleaners may be particularly suitable for home use or professional use and are divided into two main models:

  • Cold water high-pressure cleaners, where pumps and pistons increase water pressure. A perfect solution for removing foliage, slush, debris, dirt, soil and moss from outdoor surfaces;
  • Hot water high-pressure cleaners, which use the heat of water heated by a burner along with pressure on the toughest dirt, such as thickened grease and oil, in just one go.

In both cases, these are excellent and sustainable solutions that offer great water savings, limit the use of detergents and allow for important cost optimization through energy savings as well.

Removing grease and oils with a high-pressure cleaner

Within businesses such as workshops, carpentries and body shops, the intense workload and fast pace make it easy for dirt of all kinds to accumulate on surfaces. Stains, oils, grease and other substances may require multiple cleaning jobs during the same day, slowing down the work and failing to achieve the desired result.

To simplify cleaning activities within these settings, a great ally is the range of professional cleaning products, designed to work deeply on all kinds of dirt, removing it effortlessly and in few seconds. Encrustations, well-settled oil stains and sticky, thick grease can prove a real challenge for more traditional tools such as a mop and bucket. In fact, the use of these products requires a lot of physical effort and too much time, without being sure of getting the desired result. The heat of the pressurized water jet generated by the hot water high-pressure cleaner, on the other hand, is effective on this type of dirt by dissolving and making it easier to remove.

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Hot water high-pressure cleaners, in fact:

  • Just like cold water solutions, use water pressure to remove dirt from surfaces, resulting in great time savings;
  • Have an internal coil, heated by the flame generated by an oil burner, heating the water flowing through it;
  • Thanks to the heat of water, are efficient on even the toughest dirt such as grease, oil and encrustations, achieving excellent results;
  • Allow in many cases to avoid the use of detergent, further optimizing the investment and sustaining the environment;
  • Improve cleaning yield by up to 50% over traditional cleaning systems;
  • Speed up jobs, saving up to 35% time compared with other products;
  • Can also be used only with cold water, should it be necessary. In this case it is sufficient not to turn on the internal boiler.

Thanks to all these features, it is possible to achieve an excellent level of cleanliness, even taking action several times a day on the surfaces of your business, without wasting time, water and effort, optimizing costs and ensuring a safe as well as clean environment.

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Electric motor or stroke engine?

An excellent observation while choosing the best high-pressure cleaner for your needs is to evaluate the type of motor. Generally, in fact, professional high-pressure cleaners are equipped with:

  • stroke engine, which does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The generated increased power allows for an even higher level of water pressure, greatly boosting its performance. The stroke-engine high-pressure cleaner is the perfect solution for working on large areas. Since it releases exhaust gases, outdoor use or use inside well-ventilated rooms is recommended;
  • electric motor, which can be connected to a common 220V outlet or, in the case of industrial settings, up to 380V. Recommended for small rooms, it is preferable for use inside well-ventilated rooms or equipped with fume extraction systems, if equipped with hot water.

To assess which motor is best suited to your company's needs, it is important to evaluate the type of power supply available, setting, expected type of performance and required time of use.

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Darwin simplifies the cleaning jobs in your company

For those looking for a product that is simple in use and excellent in results, the new Darwin hot water high-pressure cleaner is the perfect solution for any business. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, making it practical and comfortable even with prolonged use, this product features:

  • resistance, thanks to the stainless steel suction and delivery valves, the axial pump with brass head with three ceramic steel pistons and the by-pass valve with double seal;
  • energy saving, with the ventilation unit on motor pump;
  • long working time, thanks to the 15-liter capacity diesel tank;
  • versatility, with the many included accessories, such as the metal high/low-pressure lance, handy gun, nozzles and high-pressure hose.

With a pressure of 130/150 bar, this hot water high-pressure cleaner is perfect for intensive and recurring use, working effectively on all types of surfaces and providing excellent results even for cleaning vehicles such as cars, vans and motorcycles.

With Lavor hot water high-pressure cleaners, you can keep your workplace clean, achieving high performance and providing you and your team with all the cleanliness you need to work well and safely.

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