Lavor Galaxy 160 and Lavor Planet among the best high-pressure cleaners recommended by Salvatore Aranzulla

best high-pressure cleaners recommended by Salvatore Aranzulla

Salvatore Aranzulla recommends Lavor Galaxy 160 and Lavor Planet, listing them among the 5 best high-pressure cleaners of the year! The computer popularizer and "undercover digital consultant" for so many

families, a reference for information research for so many different industries, devotes a space of his blog to the world of professional cleaning, explaining the importance of using a high-pressure cleaner.

Let's find out how to choose the perfect high-pressure cleaner according to Aranzulla and why to rely on Lavor Galaxy 160 and Lavor Planet for effective and fast cleaning of all kinds of surfaces.

High-pressure cleaners: all the tips by Salvatore Aranzulla

A point of reference for computer scientists, technicians and prospective buyers, Aranzulla has become in recent years a real guarantee of reliability and security, turning into the "virtual guide" par excellence.

What makes the difference is his clear and precise communication style, his ability to explain even very complex concepts in simple words and the reliability that has now made his every opinion synonymous with guarantee and quality.

In his new article published within the blog of the same name, in addition to offering a list of the best high-pressure cleaners of 2023, Aranzulla offers a small "user manual" to help prospective buyers understand how to choose the right model for their needs. The starting point of the guide is the basic features of the high-pressure cleaners that make them an indispensable tool for home or professional cleaning, namely:

  • Efficiency, thanks to its ability to remove even particularly tough dirt stains that have settled for several months or, even, years;
  • Versatility, with the support of the many compatible accessories. In fact, with one and the same high-pressure cleaner you can work on driveways, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, garden furniture and swimming pools;
  • Sustainability, saving a significant amount of water and energy. By exploiting the power of the jet, the high-pressure cleaner removes every stain with up to 70% water savings compared to traditional cleaning modes.

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In addition, according to Salvatore Aranzulla's guide on high-pressure cleaners, to choose the right model for your needs, it is important to take the following into account:

  • Flow rate, which is the amount of water delivered over a period of time expressed in minutes or hours;
  • Pressure, expressed in bar, which represents the force of the jet;
  • Motor power is expressed in Watts or Kilowatts and represents the size of the motor that powers the high-pressure cleaner. For the same performance having a more powerful engine is definitely better;
  • Power supply, choosing between electric or stroke engine models;
  • The boiler, going for either a hot water or cold water model;
  • Transportability, whether or not opting for compact and manageable models or those provided with wheels;
  • Nozzles and accessories, to make the high-pressure cleaner even more versatile and turn it into the best performing tool for our routine or extraordinary cleaning!

To further support buyers in choosing the best high-pressure cleaner for their needs, Lavor has designed the Washing Level, a 6-level classification that categorizes its products according to the purpose of use, taking into account pressure and area of application.

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Salvatore Aranzulla recommends the Lavor Galaxy 160 high-pressure cleaner

Among the 5 best high-pressure cleaners recommended by Salvatore Aranzulla is Lavor Galaxy 160, the ideal solution for frequent use even on large surfaces. This cold-water model is accompanied by a range of accessories that make it the perfect solution for washing cars, motorcycles and outdoor flooring, placing it among the most popular models among all Lavor range.

Compact and easy to handle, with its ergonomic handle, hose reel and convenient wheels, this product can be easily transported from one area to another, optimizing its use even in very large spaces. The rotating brush allows complete removal of even the toughest dirt that can settle between rims, bumpers and exterior equipment. The patio cleaner, on the other hand, enables deep cleaning of large surfaces, avoiding water spillage or splashing.

Lavor Galaxy 160 is the perfect high-pressure cleaner for every use, without waste and effort, for excellent cleaning in no time!

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Salvatore Aranzulla also recommends the Lavor Planet high-pressure cleaner

Also within the top 5 high-pressure cleaners recommended by Salvatore Aranzulla we find Lavor Planet, a cold-water model with a pressure of 170 bar. This top-of-the-line product is ideal for cleaning large surfaces, such as swimming pools, gazebos, porches and any type of vehicle, even tractors or trucks.

Again, a key element here is the many compatible accessories included, such as the patio cleaner, stationary brush, rotating brush and quick-coupling lance. In addition, thanks to specialized accessories such as the high-pressure hose and pipe-flushing probe, this high-pressure cleaner can also be used for minor routine maintenance work, such as cleaning roofs and gutters.

Planet 170 Extra 8.110.0026C

Another excellent Lavor product that puts efficiency, versatility and power at the user's disposal to remove all kinds of dirt in no time, thus achieving an excellent and sustainable result without stress.

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