Quickly clean your bike using a high pressure cleaner

clean your bike using a high pressure cleaner

A trip to the mountains, a ride out of town or going to school or work: the bicycle has become an indispensable means of transport for adults and children of all ages. To use it safely, prevent damage and

avoid bringing dirt and mud into the garage or shed, it should be washed thoroughly and carefully.

Cleaning however, can be time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes ineffective against stubborn dirt. A great tool for cleaning your bike quickly after each use, is a home high pressure cleaner, which effectively removes all types of dirt.

Remove mud from your mountain bike using a high pressure cleaner

Outings to the mountains are fun and a great opportunity to do sports and enjoy the fresh air, away from the chaos of the city. Likewise, commuting to the office, going to school or running errands in the city by bike reduces traffic while being environmentally friendly.

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However you use it, cleaning your bicycle is important because:

  • Dust and dirt can damage it, clogging the chain and ruining the frame with mud and micro-debris.
  • It is important not to take dirt and mud into the garage and shed or onto balconies.
  • We make things easier by not taking mud and dirt with us that weighs down the bicycle and makes us have to work harder.

Sponges, water and detergent are not always the best choice as they are ineffective against stubborn dirt, regardless of how much time and elbow grease you dedicate. The simplest and most effective solution is to clean the bicycle with a high pressure cleaner. The pressure of the jet dissolves dried-on dirt, allowing you to save water, time and avoiding the need to use large amounts of chemical detergents.

How do you wash a bicycle with a high pressure cleaner?

Cleaning your bike with a high pressure cleaner is quick and easy. It saves you time and effort and achieves great results time after time. Compared to using a simple garden hose, when using a home high pressure cleaner it is recommended to take a few simple precautions to avoid damage or waste.

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To clean your bike with a high pressure cleaner you should:

  • Choose a model with an adjustable jet, to avoid damaging the surfaces with high pressure
  • Place the bike on a sturdy stand, against a wall or on the ground so that the water jet will not knock it over
  • Position yourself at least 3 feet away from the bike
  • Cover the electrical parts, in the case of an eBike
  • Clear the surrounding area, to avoid dirtying objects or other people with muddy water
  • Do not aim the jet directly or at close range towards delicate components such as bearings and the gearbox area.

A clean bike in 3 steps

Once the area has been prepared, cleaning your bike will be really easy. The numerous accessories included allow you to use the same tool for the various surfaces of your bike, avoiding the need to use tubes, sponges and other products.

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To wash your bike with a high pressure cleaner:

  • Start by cleaning the wheels, saddle and frame with water using a flat jet nozzle. This will remove surface dirt and moisten the dried-on mud. Pay particular attention to the hubs, gears, brake levers, gear shifters and handlebars, which are more delicate parts
  • Use detergent to thoroughly clean and sanitise your bike, by attaching the adjustable foam lance to the gun of the pressure cleaner, which will prevent unnecessary waste
  • Lastly, rinse and remove stubborn dirt using a brush. If necessary, use the needle jet of the high-pressure lance at close range to apply greater pressure on any dirt stuck in the wheel treads.

You can also remove dirt from the surface of the cleaning area just as quickly.

The cold water high pressure cleaner LVR150 DIGIT

Compact and lightweight, with an adjustable spray pattern and pressure, the home cold water high pressure cleaner with these features is perfect for everyday use. One of the Lavor models, which is an excellent product for this, is the LVR4 150 Digit. This model, in fact:

  • is designed for frequent use, meeting the needs of mountain bikers and those who use their bike every day
  • cleans thoroughly, removing even particularly stubborn dirt, such as mud and earth
  • is designed to clean surfaces such as frames, saddles, wheels and handlebars, thanks to the possibility of choosing the most suitable washing program for the surface to be washed.

This home high pressure cleaner is simple and intuitive, also thanks to the Digital Control System, which allows you to select the most suitable washing program; SOFT, MEDIUM or HARD and to monitor all the functions of the machine via the multiple operating lights, ensuring absolute safety. In addition, the LVR4 150 Digit is fitted with an adjustable foam lance, which prevents wasting detergent and a pump-side quick connector, to connect the hose with a simple click.

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This home high pressure cleaner also includes several accessories, such as the gun, lance, rotox head with a quick-connector and rotating pin jet, the variojet head with quick coupling and pin/fan jet, and the patio cleaner attachment for outdoor use, which demonstrates the wide versatility and adaptability of this product.

In addition to cleaning a bicycle, thanks to the various optional accessories, such as the fixed and rotary brush or the pipe cleaning hose, the LVR4 150 Digit can also be used to simplify many household cleaning tasks.

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