Professional Floor Scrubber Dryers - Buying Guide

professional floor scrubber dryers

In offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shops, industries, warehouses and logistics centres, it is important to ensure safety and cleanliness, starting with the implementation of good floor care practices.

Keeping surfaces clean and sanitised allows you to live in a healthy environment, protecting workers and offering customers excellent shopping experiences.

For those looking for a professional product for fast, deep and sanitised cleaning, the professional floor washer-dryer, has become an indispensable tool: in a single wipe it removes any stains, leaving the surfaces dry and safe for employees and customers. Let’s find out how to choose the model that best suits your needs and how to get the most out of your floor scrubber dryer.

What is a floor scrubber dryer

Among the most useful professional products to achieve an excellent level of floor care, cleaning and thoroughly sanitising all types of surfaces, floor scrubber dryer is an indispensable tool. As the name suggests, this product allows you to wash and dry the floors with a single gesture, offering speed and safety of intervention.

Equipped with specific features designed to meet the individual needs of the customer, considering their intended use, the width of the surfaces on which to intervene, power and frequency of use, professional floor washer-dryers are divided into two main models:

  • Walk-behind floor scrubber dryer, ideal for use in shops, offices, professional offices, dining rooms, corridors and environments with an area of less than 500 sqm. These products are characterised by their small size and compact structure, which make the cleaning experience extremely simple and easy to handle.

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The use of these tools is simple and intuitive: the operator drives the floor washer thanks to a comfortable ergonomic handle, positioning him-/herself behind it and directing its path with the handle. You can choose between different models, from the simplest and most compact as a FIT to the most complex and structured as EASY-R, but all guarantee reliability, speed and depth of cleaning, responding to the needs of the individual environment.

  • Ride on” floor scrubber dryer, designed for deep cleaning of surfaces up to 12,000 sqm, such as schools, airports, warehouses, logistics centres and all those particularly large areas, but which require constant intervention to ensure a safe and clean environment. Precisely because of the width of the intervention surfaces, the technical design of these products for professional cleaning ensures the comfort of the operator, who drives the vehicle by positioning him-herself on a comfortable seat placed above the floor scrubber dryer, manoeuvring it with the intuitive steering wheel. Also in this case it is possible to choose between simpler and more compact models such as COMFORT XS-R1 ESSENTIAL or more complete and modular solutions, such as COMFORT DUOTECH, depending on the frequency of use, specific functionalities and the intended use.

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Starting from an analysis of your needs, you can then choose the perfect vehicle for your office or warehouse, optimising your investment and ensuring you have access to a fast, high-performance and extremely efficientprofessional product.

How a floor scrubber dryer works

Regardless of the model chosen, each professional floor scrubber dryer guarantees an excellent level of intervention, cleaning, sanitising and drying of every surface, keeping it safe and dry after just one wipe. The four main components are essential to achieving this result:

  • The rotating brushes, positioned at the front of the floor washer. Generally, it is possible to find a single brush on the “walk behind” models and two or three brushes on the “ride on” models;

  • The tank dedicated to the solution formed by water and detergent, which is used for cleaning;

  • The tank dedicated to the collection of dirty water;

  • The motor, essential for operation and, above all, to ensure the suction of water after washing.

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Thanks to its structure, the professional floor scrubber dryer acts simultaneously on three levels, carrying out:

  1. Floor cleaning thanks to the presence of rotating brushes, which perform an abrasivefunction. When cleaning stains, the brush also acts on the most encrusted dirt, removing it from the surface without damaging it;

  2. Washing and sanitising, thanks to the tank that releases a solution composed of water and detergent, thoroughly cleaning the surface. The presence of two tanks guarantees that during the washing phase clean water is always used, unlike traditional tools such as cloth and bucket;

  3. Drying, with the support of the squeegee that collects dirty water inside a dedicated tank.

In this way, the professional floor washer-dryer automates the cleaning process, carrying out three steps in one, speeding up the intervention and ensuring an excellent level of sanitation, essential to offer workers and customers a safe and pleasant environment.

Benefits for floor care, for the environment and for the company

Relying on a professional cleaning tool such as the floor scrubber dryer gives you great advantages, optimising resources, protecting the environment, reducing intervention times and reducing operator fatigue.

Among the main reasons to choose to buy a floor scrubber dryer for your office or warehouse, we find:

  • excellent level of safety for workers and customers. Instant drying avoids wet and slippery areas, allowing recurrent cleaning without having to deny access to spaces, premises, corridors or parts of a store. This ensures ample freedom of movement even immediately after cleaning, without any danger for the passing people. This aspect is essential, especially in those places that are subject to a constant passage of people, such as supermarkets, shopping centres, SPAs, canteens and refreshment areas;

  • Excellent level of hygiene, even compared to traditional tools such as bucket and rag. The action of the floor scrubber dryer effectively removes germs and bacteria, preventing their proliferation even with a single wipe;

  • Environmental protection, ensuring excellent water and detergent savings. According to some studies, in fact, with traditional tools, 0.5l of liquid is needed every 10sqm. On the contrary, only 0.05l with the same surface area is sufficient withthe floor scrubber dryer;

  • Speed of use, thanks to the 3-in-1 operation, which allows you to clean, wash and dry in a single gesture. In this way, in addition to constant and periodic cleaning, it is possible to guarantee intervention in the event of exceptional circumstances. An example is the refreshment areas, where drinks or food can spill, or shopping centres or supermarkets, where, especially on rainy days, there may be a need to intervene over and over again to ensure a safe and dry floor for the public.

Which professional floor washer-dryer to choose?

If you are thinking of buying a professional floor scrubber dryer for your work environment, it is important to choose the right model based on the purpose of use, the surface to be used, the frequency and the power you are looking for.

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Among the many options available, an excellent model capable of adapting to different contexts and needs is the Comfort S-R 100, a “ride on” floor washer-dryer perfect for cleaning medium and large surfaces up to 7,400 square metres. The strength of this means is its intervention capacity, which allows to obtain great savings in terms of time, water and detergent, guaranteeing a significant decrease in cleaning costs, compared to other products.

Among the advantages of the Comfort S-R 100 floor washer-dryer are:

  • The new 1000mm brush, which thanks to its size expands its working capacity, acting on a large surface with a single stroke;

  • ECO MODE function, which is activated both during the intervention of the brushes and during suction, ensuring considerable energy savings and making the product even more silent. This feature makes the cleaning interior even safer and more pleasant even with the presence of the public and customers, avoiding disturbing the shopping experience;

  • Automatic management of the pumpaccording to the size of the surface on which it is to be operated, allowing further energy savings;

  • Parking brake, for the protection of the operator's safety even in the event of significant slopes of the vehicle;

  • Checking of the pressure on the brush plate up to 130kg;

  • Lighting beacon, for safe driving even in case of poor visibility;

  • Quick-closing tank cap, which also simplifies and speeds up product maintenance;

  • Anti-foam device with float, which blocks the suction when the tank is full, protecting the engine and the internal mechanical and electronic components.

With the professional floor washer-dryer S-R 100 it is possible to obtain the maximum result with an even more optimised, safe and comfortablecleaning intervention, which protects the operator and the public, guaranteeing excellent results and a sanitised and dry environment in a short time and without fatigue.

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