How to clean fireplaces and stoves with an ash vacuum cleaner

to clean fireplaces with an ash vacuum cleaner

The success of the new heating systems such as radiator systems and heated floors has not cast aside the timeless appeal of stoves and fireplaces. Even today, there are still many who prefer them for warmth 

during winter, enchanted by that perfect combination of charm and warmth.

Cleaning fireplaces and stoves, however, is not so easy, especially since they require frequent jobs in order to avoid clogs that may affect their proper operation or foul odors in the home. If the fascination with the fireplace has not been overcome, the fascination with the broom and dustpan has, thanks to highly effective apparatuses such as the ash vacuum cleaner. Let's find out all the pluses of using an ash vac to clean fireplaces and stoves.

What is an ash vacuum cleaner

An ash vac is a version of the vacuum cleaner, precisely designed to collect ash from fireplaces and pellet stoves without dispersing ash into the room and in an extremely practical and fast manner. In contrast to other vacuuming products, this apparatus is equipped with a special metal flex tube and with a specific internal filter that, on the one hand, isolates the ash from air flowing back again, collecting it in the special tank; on the other hand, it prevents ash from settling between the internal gears, causing them to malfunction over time.

In addition to the excellent result for cleaning fireplaces and stoves, the special filter of the ash vac also allows for quick and convenient maintenance: it can, in fact, be replaced after frequent use, blown away with a compressor to remove ash that has accumulated and reduces its filtering effectiveness, or washed where the washable cartridge filter is present. In this case, it is important to ensure that it is perfectly dry and, in fact, it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before reinserting it inside the ash vac. Some models, on the other hand, are equipped with a pneumatic filter shaker, which allows with a simple push of a button to work on the filter, activating an automatic shaking action that frees the surface from remaining ash deposits. In this way, even the last grains can be conveyed into the internal collector.

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Thanks to these features, the ash vac allows thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny of stoves and fireplaces, even vertically cleaning the walls of the combustion chamber or the protective glass panes of fireplaces. Finally, by using the compatible accessories it is possible to work on even the smallest parts, joints and crevices, leaving no chance for even a speck of dust.

Cleaning your fireplace with an ash vacuum cleaner

When we talk about fireplaces, it is important to consider not only the romantic side, but also its important requirements in terms of cleanliness. Here, the fire does indeed produce a large amount of combustion residues that require continuous cleaning after each use, lest the foul odor can leak into the rooms or combustion is not optimized, making them unsafe and inefficient. By using an ash vac for fireplace cleaning all kinds of routine and extraordinary cleaning tasks can be carried out quickly, without getting dirty and without effort, resulting in a clean fireplace in no time, just as it was before use.

To make the most of your ash vac for fireplace cleaning, it is important to read the following advice:

  • Do not operate your ash vac when removing burning debris or ash that is not completely cold. Then wait after use for total cooling of all organic material deposited at the bottom of your fireplace;
  • Before use, remove debris and coarse pieces of wood or charcoal with pliers. Otherwise, these may clog the ash vac, preventing it from working properly.

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Cleaning your stove with an ash vacuum cleaner

The ash vac is the perfect solution for cleaning your stove, keeping it efficient and clean at all times. In fact, only this tool is able to clean thoroughly the small parts making up the stoves, removing any residue and avoiding continuous deposits of dirt. In just a few moments it will then be possible to operate on the brazier, ash tray and drop channel, leaving the pellet stove completely clean and ready for new use. Given the fineness of the ash produced by pellet combustion, we recommend selecting an ash vacuum cleaner with a washable cartridge filter to which a fine-dust prefilter can be applied in order to increase the filtering efficiency and preserve the suction motor from clogging that could impair its operation and effectiveness. In addition, the ash vac is perfect for extraordinary jobs, thus supporting the cleaning of the duct and chimney, but beware: for the latter, it is always important to call in specialized technicians periodically.

Ashley 1000 Premium EVO: the perfect ash vac for cleaning fireplaces and stoves

If you are looking for a very effective and top-performing yet easy-to-use apparatus for routine and extraordinary cleaning of your fireplace or stove, Ashley 1000 Premium EVO is the product you are looking for.

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In fact, this compact and handy ash vacuum cleaner offers several benefits, such as:

  • convenient wheels and silenced motor, which allow frequent use without fatigue and without disturbing roommates or neighbors;
  • Its washable filter designed to capture dust and ash without losing effectiveness over time;
  • its prefilter, which can isolate even the finest ash, thus increasing the performance of the ash vacuum cleaner;
  • its pneumatic filter shaker, which allows dust to be removed from the filter with the use of a simple external button;
  • its flat lance, which helps catch ash even between tile joints or in the smallest parts of pellet stoves.

Thanks to your ash vac, you can enjoy your fireplace or stove any time you wish, taking advantage of this suggestive experience without fatigue, dirt or bad smell.

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