Galaxy 160: the best Lavor household high-pressure cleaner according to

the best Lavor household high-pressure cleaner

How to choose the best household high-pressure cleaner for your home? There are several factors to consider, such as purpose, power and frequency of use, and coming to the support of all those who are

looking for the perfect product for their needs is! The well-known online magazine has, in fact, compiled a real purchasing guide, recommending the best models and summarizing the most important features to consider in order to find the perfect product for your home.

Among the many proposals, to be awarded among the best household high-pressure cleaners for those looking for a powerful, versatile and super-equipped solution we find Galaxy 160, the most appreciated among the Lavor products! Let's find out all the benefits of this high-pressure cleaner and how to find the right product for your home!

best Lavor household high-pressure cleaner

How to choose the perfect high-pressure cleaner for your home?

The high-pressure cleaner is an excellent cleaning tool, ideal for those looking for a product that removes even the toughest dirt, speeds up response times and can be used on different types of surfaces. For you who are looking for the best household high-pressure cleaner to buy but don't know where to start, has compiled a set of guidelines to help you in this important choice, distinguishing between household, semi-professional and professional high-pressure cleaners:

  • A household high-pressure cleaner is more compact and lightweight and is a solution designed for occasional use and ideal for cleaning garden furniture, outdoor plastic toys and bicycles;

  • A semi-professional high-pressure cleaner is perfect for cleaning wooden furniture, outdoor flooring, walls, automobiles and motorcycles. It has a pressure somewhere between household and professional high-pressure cleaners and can withstand more intensive and continuous use than household ones, but not as much as professional ones;

  • A professional high-pressure cleaner is characterized by a higher flow rate and a pressure of even more than 200 bar; they are suitable for intensive and, indeed, professional use. In addition to being much more powerful than the previous two categories, they have higher power absorption, are bulkier, heavier and much more expensive.

Other aspects to consider when choosing the best household high-pressure cleaner are:

  • Practicality, assessing its weight, size and ease of transport;

  • Ease of use: household models are powered by single-phase current up to 3kW, the one we have in our homes; professional models, on the other hand, are powered by three-phase current;

  • Versatility, depending on the quantity and type of accessories available supplied with or compatible with the chosen high-pressure cleaner;

  • Strength, i.e., whether it is a high-pressure cleaner with internal components made of metal or other less durable material.

By starting with the purpose of use, your needs and analyzing all these features, you can then identify the perfect product for you, accessing the best home cleaning solution your environment needs.

best Lavor household high-pressure cleaner

Washing Level: how to choose the perfect Lavor household high-pressure cleaner for you

Taking into account all these important features also summarized by, Lavor has designed the Washing Level, i.e. a rating system for its high-pressure cleaners, designed to help you choose the best household high-pressure cleaner for your needs.

Developed on six different levels, the Washing Level lets you know right away if you are looking at the perfect high-pressure cleaner for your needs, summarizing within it the main features to consider when talking about high-pressure cleaners. The six levels of the Lavor Washing Level are:

  • Washing Level 1, which groups all those models dedicated to truly occasional use and application to small surfaces and surface dirt;

  • Washing Level 2, or high-pressure cleaners ideal for deep cleaning of surface dirt and surfaces between 20 and 40 square meters;

  • Washing Level 3, for fairly frequent use and surface cleaning of tough dirt and surfaces between 40 and 60 sq m;

  • Washing Level 4, for frequent use on RVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, vans, yards and patios, and on tough dirt;

  • Washing Level 5, for deep cleaning of tough dirt and frequent washing of products such as dirt bikes, tractors and outdoor spaces up to 100sqm;

  • Washing Level 6, highlighting all the top-of-the-line products dedicated to home cleaning, ideal for surfaces over 100sqm and deep cleaning of any type of tough dirt.

It is Galaxy 160 the best household high-pressure cleaner. Its strong point? Versatility!

"If you are looking for a powerful, versatile and accessorized household high-pressure cleaner [...] we recommend the one that is currently the best produced by this company: the Lavor Galaxy160 high-pressure cleaner”,'s word!

best Lavor household high-pressure cleaner

In fact, the Galaxy 160 high-pressure cleaner is one of the most popular solutions produced by Lavor. Capable of reaching a maximum pressure of 160 bar, this cold-water high-pressure cleaner features:

  • High-strength steel three-piston aluminum head pump with built-in by-pass valve;

  • Trolley with ergonomic handle which makes it easy to carry, further simplifying its use;

  • Handy storage compartment for storing the most frequently used accessories.

Equipped with Automatic Stop System, the high-pressure cleaner turns on and off directly by operating the gun lever, simplifying its operation and speeding up its use. Further advantage are the many included accessories, which allow for great versatility of use, optimizing its investment.

In fact, the Galaxy 160 high-pressure cleaner is equipped with:

  • Variojet head nozzle with adjustable pin/fan jet;

  • Hose reel;

  • Turbo head nozzle with rotating pin jet for the toughest dirt;

  • Spraying gun with quick coupling;

  • Fixed brush;

  • Rotating brush;

  • Patio cleaner accessory to effectively and splash-free clean the pavements and walls around the house.

Thanks to the many accessories, it is thus possible to use this product to effectively and thoroughly clean outdoor pavements, motorcycles and cars, achieving maximum results and protecting the surfaces involved.

By choosing the best Lavor Galaxy 160 household high-pressure cleaner you will get the ideal solution for frequent household use. Clean all kinds of surfaces quickly and effectively without stress, without effort and while achieving a positive impact on the environment: choose the ideal product for your home and revolutionize the way you take care of it.

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