Clean roofs and downpipes with a high-pressure cleaner

Clean roofs and downpipes with a high-pressure cleaner

Cleaning roofs and downpipes is one of those home maintenance tasks that we generally tend to put off. It is a physically demanding and time-consuming job, and can also be dangerous if the necessary

precautions are overlooked. Yet, it is something that needs to be done in order to keep one’s home well maintained and efficient.  It is essential to find a tool that simplifies the work, also completing it with minimum effort and maximum yield. This is possible with the use of residential-duty high-pressure cleaners: here is how and why roofs and downpipes can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

Why it is important to clean roofs and downpipes

Foliage, debris, soil and guano are among the most common materials that clog roofs and downpipes, weighing them down and obstructing the passage of water. Keeping these elements clean is important to preserve them, by avoiding cracks and occlusions, as well as parts from falling off, and protecting both the home and the well-being of those who live there.

Cleaning roofs and downpipes is important because:

  • The build-up of materials obstructs the flow of rain, causing water stagnation, which is dangerous for floors and indoor and outdoor surfaces;
  • Stagnant water produces stains, mosses and moulds, and corrodes pipes, especially metal ones;
  • Unable to flow, water falls in all directions; rainwater can also infiltrate walls and, in the most severe cases, downpipes can detach and fall off under excessive weight.

Cleaning roofs and downpipes is now a quick and easy task with the use of residential-duty high-pressure cleaners. Being practical to use, high-pressure cleaners allow you to clean downpipes and roofs multiple times during the year, thus keeping your home safe inside and out.

How to pressure wash your roof

For those who live in a single family home, cleaning the roof with a high-pressure washer is an excellent solution. A high-pressure cleaner can remove moulds, mosses and debris, keeping clean even the most hidden areas.

Before starting the cleaning operations, you first have to ensure your safety by using a harness with a rope, or standing on a ladder held by a helper. You can access even the most challenging spots by using the long hoses and the special curved wands supplied with your residential-duty high-pressure cleaner.

To avoid damaging joints and sheaths, you need to control the jet pressure with the commands installed on the residential-duty high-pressure cleaner and to keep the recommended distance. The water jet will be sufficient to remove debris and foliage, relieving pressure on the roof covering and avoiding long-term infiltration; for the most stubborn stains, you can use dedicated brushes or nozzles.

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How to pressure wash your downpipes

Cleaning downpipes is very important to avoid water stagnation and damage to walls. This task cannot be performed by using a simple hose. Without good pressure, the water would stop flowing at the clogged points. Thanks to its powerful and targeted jet and the use of the most suitable accessories, household high-pressure cleaner allows water to dislodge clogs and continue flowing. All you need to do to remove foliage and debris is to:

  • Connect the gun to the pipe cleaning hose: this accessory is most used to unclog ducts, pipes and drains. Pressurised water is released from three small rear jets, creating a rotary movement that allows the probe to move forward along the pipe, dislodging debris;
  • Slide the pipe cleaning hose to the point of occlusion;
  • Once you have inserted the probe for at least 1.5 m, turn on the high-pressure cleaner gun;
  • Continue to slide the pipe cleaning hose forward to remove other obstructions;
  • Remove the probe.

With these simple and quick steps, you can completely remove mud and foliage from downpipes working on the ground and in total safety. The use of the pipe cleaning hose for this application increases the washing efficiency by 40%, compared to the use of normal accessories.

For gutters installed on the roof perimeter, we recommend removing foliage and other debris manually, and then use a rigid brush to remove encrustations caused by mould and moss.

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How to clean roofs and downpipes with the LVR4 Plus 160 WPS high-pressure cleaner

To maintain outdoor spaces, such as gardens, driveways, roofs and downpipes, it is important to select a versatile and well-equipped residential-duty high-pressure cleaner. Your investment will be further amortised because with a single tool you can work on a variety of different surfaces, always achieving excellent results.

A superior solution to clean roofs and downpipes is LVR4 Plus 160 WPS:

  • Designed for frequent use;
  • Ideal for cleaning large surfaces, such as roofs, walls, patios, terraces and walking paths;
  • Effective on stubborn dirt, such as mould and moss.

The main advantages of this cold water high-pressure cleaner are:

  • WPS washing system, which ensures significant electricity savings by adjusting the pressure output at each use;
  • Trolley with wheels and handle fitted with a hose reel, perfect for moving the appliance quickly and for storing it neatly after use;
  • Adjustable foaming system which allows using the right amount of detergent, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

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LVR4 Plus 160 WPS can be equipped with all the accessories (optional) needed to thoroughly clean roofs and downpipes, to include:

  • Pipe cleaning hoses, which can be as long as 15 metres;
  • Hose extensions, to reach any height;
  • Fixed brush, perfect for removing encrustations.

Why clean roofs and downpipes with a high-pressure cleaner

Cleaning roofs and downpipes is necessary to keep your home tidy and efficient. Residential-duty high-pressure cleaners allow you to clean in no time and without stress or strain, reaching even the most hidden points with ease.

Simplify the way you take care of your home, work with peace of mind, and save time and money with a complete and versatile solution.

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