The floor care of warehouses and logistics centers with professional cleaning products

cleaning of buildings and warehouses

In warehouses and logistics centers it is very easy to end up with dirty floors, covered with dust, coarse debris and all kinds of material. To protect the operators’ work and safety, saving time and money and

simplifying the job, it is essential to rely on professional floor care products. Let's find out what are the best products for cleaning warehouses and logistics centers frequently and without effort.

Why floor care of warehouses and logistics centers is a must

Every day within logistics centers and warehouses a large amount of materials of all kinds are moved. Foodstuffs, wood, boxes, pallets loaded with goods, glass, plastic and liquid substances must be loaded and moved safely, preventing these from being damaged or contaminated. Likewise, it is important to devote attention to floor care so that there may be no impediments to the normal course of business by the operators.

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Within warehouses and logistics centers, it is important to devote time to floor care in order to:

  • Prevent hazards, accidents and situations that may stop the internal production and organizational cycle ;
  • Protect the quality of goods, by preventing these from becoming contaminated with liquid or solid dirt;
  • Improve working conditions, both safety and comfort side for the worker. Indeed, it is important to provide operators with a sanitized, clean and safe working environment.

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Choosing to entrust floor care to machines designed for professional cleaning such as sweepers and floor scrubber-dryers allows for important benefits from a logistical-organizational point of view as well:

  • Thanks to their ease of use and intuitive controls, these products can be operated even by untrained technicians in professional cleaning. This makes it possible to operate at any time, even in an emergency;
  • Quietness, maneuverability, safety and speed of cleaning allow sweepers and floor scrubber-dryers to be used even during usual working hours, enabling continuous operation that does not stop business production output;
  • Thanks to their size and ease of use, cleaning is quick and fast even in large areas, allowing very little time and effort to be wasted .

The benefits of the floor scrubber-dryer

The floor scrubber-dryer is a perfect machine for routine and repeated cleaning. Excellent results can thus be achieved, washing and drying all kinds of surfaces (except natural wood, suspended flooring and parquet) in a few moments.

This floor care product is the ideal solution for cleaning large areas, simplifying work and always achieving an excellent result. In addition to the washing system, which releases detergent and water from the rotating brushes, there is a vacuum system that recovers dirty water through a “squeegee”. Two internal tanks ensure that clean water is always used for surface treatment, as opposed to the more traditional mop and bucket.

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The floor scrubber-dryers are divided into two main models

  • The "ride-on" version, ideal for warehouses and all those areas up to 12,000sqm. Here the operator sits on the scrubber-dryer itself thanks to a comfortable seat and drives the vehicle using a steering wheel;
  • The "walk-behind" version, ideal for small stores and businesses, break rooms and areas up to 500sqm. Here the operator drives the scrubber-dryer by means of a rear handle, walking behind to drive it.

Each model proves to be an excellent and practical solution for working on small and large surfaces even several times a day and without tiring the operator.

The benefits of the sweeper

Another excellent machine for professional cleaning and floor care is the sweeper. This product is ideal for collecting coarse dirt, such as debris or other materials that could trip up workers or obstruct the passage of carts.

The side brushes channel dirt to the central roller brush, which collects dust and debris. In this way, an excellent level of floor cleaning can be achieved effortlessly and in a short time.

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Again, "the ride-on" and "walk-behind" models are both available; the former solution is suitable for large areas where high performance is required, while the latter for laboratories or areas where more compactness and ease of maneuver are required.

With the use of a sweeper, dust and bulky debris can be removed in a matter of moments, simplifying the work cycle within logistics centers, warehouses, airports, industries and more!

Comfort Duotech: the professional 3-in-1 product for your floor care

The perfect solution for the floor care of logistics centers is Comfort Duotech, a 3-in-1 solution that sweeps, washes and dries. Thanks to this product, you can simplify and speed up the work by achieving a perfect result in just one go.

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Comfort Duotech is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, including heavy debris and on uneven surfaces. The washing and debris collection phase occurs simultaneously through the release of water and detergent from the side brushes, along with the cylindrical rotary brush that collects dirt inside the compartment below. Excess water is then captured by the floor squeegee, leaving the surface clean and dry in no time.

With Comfort Duotech you will get excellent results in half the time, while ensuring safety, comfort and quality within your logistics center or warehouse.

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