Professional solutions for cleaning and sanitising shops and small enterprises

cleaning and sanitising shops and small enterprises

For shops, small businesses and premises open to the public, keeping a clean, sanitised environment at all times is key. The continuous flow of customers, the fast pace and often small, impractical spaces threaten 

to turn cleaning time into a veritable organisational nightmare.

An excellent solution for small business centres is to entrust them with professional products that allow rapid cleaning, up to several times a day, and avoid long wait times.

Professional cleaning for small enterprises

For small enterprises, carving out time for cleaning without leaving wet floors or preventing public access is not easy in the least. Customers come in all the time and the risk of having dirty, stained or sticky floors is not to be underestimated. On the one hand, the appearance of the premises might convey carelessness and a lack of professionalism; on the other hand, slippery or sticky floors might prove hazardous to both customers and workers alike.

Relying on professional cleaning solutions such as sweepers, vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers and steam cleaners, simplifies the method of cleaning and sanitising shops, offices, bars, pubs, ice-cream shops, and all small enterprises that cater to customers.


Professional tools for cleaning small enterprises:

  • Are easy to use, due to an intuitive system that allows the user to set the level best suited to their cleaning needs in just a few clicks;
  • Ensure rapid, effective cleaning, removing even the most stubborn dirt without leaving surfaces wet;
  • Allow a high degree of cleanliness and sanitisation to be achieved with minimal effort. The innovative technology and an all-in-one system allow certain types of products to clean, sanitise, dry and remove dirt, all in one tool and, many times, in a single stroke;
  • Ensure value for money, since they are designed for professional, intensive use they are sturdy, high-performance products.

Spazzatrice BSW 375 ET in terrazzo LAVOR

Lavor provides a wide range of solutions that are ideal for cleaning small enterprises. In addition, the many accessories that are included, or can be purchased separately, mean that users can always get the most out of their product, making it highly performing even in less common settings.

BSW 375 E: the ideal sweeper for all types of surface

Sweepers are an excellent professional tool for removing all kinds of loose dirt, such as stones, debris, leaves, dust, or paper. For small businesses with high levels of traffic, such as bars and restaurants, and which require recurrent cleaning, the ideal solution is the  BSW 375 E sweeper, that allows:

  • Cleaning of all types of surfaces, indoors or outdoors, such as floors, verandas, driveways, pavements or decking;
  • Access to all areas, even the most hidden ones. A cable-free solution that can be used in multiple environments, without wasting time in plugging and unplugging sockets and cables;
  • Deep cleaning even of textile surfaces, due to the special shape of the roller brush bristles;
  • Collection of large objects, up to 24 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter;
  • Increased hourly output compared to cleaning using a normal broom.

Utilizzo spazzatrice BSW 375 ET federica 3

Ultra-quiet cleaning with the Silent vacuum cleaner

Another excellent option for small business centres is the Silent Vacuum Cleaner. The ultra-quiet system means that it can be used even while customers are in store, without inconveniencing them or disrupting their shopping experience. Deep cleaning is possible with Silent:

  • It ensures high performance and a reduction in consumption, by means of its eco-friendly design;
  • On all surfaces, be they paved or carpeted;
  • Quick and easy, not least because of its intuitive rotary switch;
  • Small and light, it can be stored after use in small spaces or transported effortlessly from one floor to another.

Utilizzo silent federica2

With the FIT scrubber-dryer, even the smallest areas can be cleaned

To remove the most stubborn dirt and stains on floors, a scrubber-dryer is an excellent solution. The product thoroughly cleans and washes all surfaces, leaving them dry and avoiding having to restrict access to customers.

Utilizzo Fit giulia 1

The FIT scrubber-dryer is ideal for small enterprises, not least because of its small size and compact design. Its key features include:

  • Easy start-up, by means of a practical foot switch;
  • Space-saving folding design, allowing it to be stored even in the smallest of spaces;
  • Easy to remove and clean brush and water tank;
  • A cable-free solution for easier mobility in all types of environments;
  • Lithium batteries as standard, guaranteeing long runtimes.

Removes stubborn dirt and sanitises with the GV Egon Vac steam cleaner with vacuum feature.

Another solution perfect to remove even the most stubborn dirt is the GV Egon Vac steam cleaner. High temperatures dissolve even the most stubborn stains such as oil and grease, leaving the area clean, dry and sanitised in minutes.

Utilizzo Egon vac federica-1

Extremely versatile, GV Egon Vac easily adapts to differing needs and surfaces, from floors, carpets or rugs to textiles and upholstery, while maintaining high-quality standards due to the many compatible accessories, i.e.:

  • The 2m flex hose with plug and the two extension hoses make it possible to reach even the most difficult spots and facilitate the cleaning of large rooms;
  • A 300 mm brush body, which can be equipped with a liquid accessory, a bristle accessory and carpet accessory;
  • Round brushes in different sizes and materials, such as pek, stainless steel and brass;
  • Squeegee frame and bristle frame with steam nozzle;
  • Adjustable steam or detergent diffuser.

Utilizzo Egon vac federica 3

Entrusting the cleaning of your business to professional solutions will keep your premises clean and ready to welcome new customers, providing them with the perfect shopping experience.

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