Moving floor scrubber dryers and steam cleaners GV 3.0 Vac with suction at the Interclean 2024 floorcare trade show


Once again the Interclean most important fair in the world dedicated to floor care is back, where the best solutions will be exhibited: from sanitisation to the disinfection of floors and surfaces. This event, which 

will be held in Amsterdam from 14 to 17 May, will be a unique opportunity to experience the latest news of the industry, discovering the best solutions dedicated to the world of professional cleaning.

Lavor will participate in the Interclean trade show in Hall 2/Stand 203 to present its new exclusive range of Moving floor scrubber dryers, a series of professional cleaning products that focus on innovation, ease of use and efficiency and the new steam cleaner GV 3.0 Vac with suction unit, an ecological and versatile professional solution that allows the cleaning and sanitisation of high-traffic places and with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness without the need to use chemical products. In addition to the sanitising force of steam at 170°C at a pressure of 8 bar, GV 3.0 Vac is equipped with the integrated suction function with external module, through a vacuum cleaner with stainless steel tank, with 1100 Watt motor, 20-litre recovery tank and a suction power of 22 kPa. Surfaces will remain clean, sanitised and dry.

Preview GV 3.0 Vac


Lavor at Interclean 2024

Maintaining a clean and sanitised environment can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you rely on traditional solutions such as the classic bucket with rag. In addition, for all those realities that require frequent cleaning such as offices, points of sale, garages, wellness centres and gyms, being able to rely on a fast, practical, efficient and safe solution becomes even more important

For small businesses looking for an excellent product for floor care, Lavor has created the Moving range of floor scrubber dryers, which will be exhibited from 14 to 17 May at Hall 2/Stand 203 of Interclean 2024, the world’s most important trade fair for the surface sanitisation and disinfection sector.

Electric, battery-powered, battery-powered, with or without batteries and battery chargers: with its new compact floor scrubber dryers, Lavor has thought of everyone, offering a tailor-made solution for every small business in search of the winning ally for its daily cleaning... even the most difficult!

In addition to the wide variety of the power supply system, the Moving walk-behind floor scrubber dryers feature new and innovative features, designed to optimise and further simplify their use, allowing small businesses to get even more out of their professional cleaning product. Examples include:

  • The possibility of installing lithium batteries, obtaining a longer energy life, an optimisation of costs in the long term and making the product lighter, thus making it even more practical and manageable;
  • The new Fleet Management System (FMS) for remote control, which will allow you to manage and monitor all the functions of your floor scrubber dryer, monitoring its performance and scheduling maintenance;
  • The new pedal lever with robust lever for lifting the brush plate.

Discover the new Moving floor scrubber dryers at Interclean 2024

Small, compact, easy to handle and highly efficient: the new Moving floor scrubber dryers are ready to win the hearts of the audience of Interclean 2024.

Preview the new Moving floor scrubber dryers

During the event, you will be able to discover all the features:

All models are characterised by innovative and practical features, designed to simplify daily cleaning and ensure a sanitised, clean and safe environment such as:

  • The front-wheel drive equipped with reverse, present in the BT models;
  • The new control panel with I4.0 board;
  • The possibility of installing lithium-ion batteries;
  • The large tank that can be easily inspected;
  • The new fulcrum and the new lever for adjusting the squeegee;
  • The electromechanical sensor for signalling the level of dirty water;
  • Silent operation, thanks to the positioning of the suction motor;
  • Anti-trace wheels;
  • New control panel with electrical panel and FMS system (available on request);
  • Specialised accessories such as front and rear rubber squeegee blades;
  • The sturdy aluminium brush plate with brush attachment and detachment, found in the BT models.

The new range of products dedicated to professional cleaning will be waiting for you from 14 to 17 May in Amsterdam at Hall 2/Stand 203 at the great fair dedicated to floor care: give your environment the well-being it deserves and choose the best solution for cleaning and sanitising your business.

The advantages of floor scrubber dryers for small businesses

Products designed to simplify and speed up the cleaning of all surfaces, floor scrubber dryers are the perfect ally for all those companies that:

  • are subject to the passage and trampling of hundreds of people a day, such as shops, points of sale, bars and restaurants;
  • require constant cleaning, so as to avoid the proliferation of germs, bacteria, fungi and moulds, such as spas, wellness centres and gyms;
  • use greasy and oily substances on a daily basis, which soil the floor making it unsafe, such as garages.

Compact and easy to handle, these floor scrubber dryers guarantee frequent, fast and effective cleaning. Thanks to their structure, these professional cleaning products perform a 3-in-1 intervention:

  1. Washing the floor with clean water mixed with detergent;
  2. Removing dirt, even the most encrusted, thanks to the presence of the rotating brush;
  3. Drying the surface, sucking the dirty water into a dedicated tank.

... all in one go! Zero hassle, zero stress, zero waiting time. Simple to use and convenient to store, by purchasing this product you can keep your environment always clean and sanitised, even in case of extraordinary cleaning. Choose the quality of Lavor and give your company the care and safety it deserves!

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