How to wash a car with a high-pressure cleaner

to wash a car with a high-pressure cleaner

Looking after your car is a real passion for many people. Washing it, polishing it, carefully removing any dust or organic substances, always making it sparkle and shine is a fun hobby but also requires lots of


At the same time, if you use automatic car washes, you risk finding yourself with cleaning that is not up to your standards and, in the worst case, with damage caused by old, worn-out brushes. An excellent solution for any car fanatics or people who often use their vehicle is to wash your car with a high-pressure cleaner.

Why wash your car with a high-pressure cleaner.

High pressure cleaners are an excellent way to wash cars, motorbikes, bicycles, but also paths, furniture, courtyards, patios and any type of surface. These highly versatile tools always give you a great result with no effort and using up little time and hardly any water.

In fact, using a high-pressure cleaner to wash your car lets you remove all types of dirt in no time at all, without getting wet or tired. This is possible by adjusting the water jet as you like, using the many accessories included, the right detergents and by washing according to your own personal standards for cleaning your car.

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The main benefits of washing a car with a high-pressure cleaner include:

  • Saving money, because the initial purchase investment is paid back over time. With a high pressure cleaner, you will be able to wash all the family’s vehicles, so you do not have to go to the car wash again and again, and you can also wash other surfaces, cleaning furniture, gardens, paths and much more;
  • Ease of use, always having a sparkling clean car any time you want. You also get convenience from the high-pressure cleaner itself, which is simple and compact to move around with ease and no effort, always ready to use and store in the garage at the end of season;
  • Protecting the environment, not using any detergent or using significantly less. In fact, all you need is the cleaning and mechanical power of water at high-pressure, which gets to work on dirt, even removing the most stubborn stains without damaging the bodywork;
  • Results that can be checked in real time. If you need to get rid of a few specific stains, you can just turn on the high-pressure cleaner again to get the perfect car in the blink of an eye.

Useful tips on washing a car with a high-pressure cleaner

A high-pressure cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning your car in complete safety. However, to get an even more amazing result that lives up to your expectations, it is important to follow a few small tips.

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When you decide to wash your car with a high-pressure cleaner, make sure that you:

  • Adjust the distance and pressure of the jet. The jet pressure of a high-pressure cleaner is hundreds of bar. So you do not need to turn the jet up to full power or get too close to the car. The perfect thing is to find the right compromise between the delicateness of the surface and the type of stain to be removed. Run a few tests starting from a low pressure (on models equipped with adjustable power) or from a greater distance from the surface to be washed (in fact, moving away from the surface is the same as reducing the impact of the jet on the surface). Certain high-pressure cleaners have an adjustable nozzle that can help you to control the jet better, selecting its width: with the needle jet, you can work on a smaller surface (so it is perfect for confined, encrusted stains), while with a wider jet, you can clean a larger surface with dirt all over;
  • Move into a suitable space. Make sure not to put the car in an area that could disturb your neighbours or passers-by. Thanks to its small size, extensions and ease of use, a high-pressure cleaner can even be used in small spaces, while still guaranteeing the best result;
  • Remember then to always wash it in the shade and never in full sunshine, because it increases the risk of getting annoying white rings once cleaned;
  • Remove any residual detergent or soap using water pressure. Special filters are also available for high pressure cleaner that further reduce the presence of limescale in water, avoiding any unpleasant white rings;
  • Choose a reliable, high-quality model with all the accessories that are better for making your car sparkle quickly, effortlessly and without any damage, such as the Foam System sprayer for spreading detergent around better, or the fixed or rotating brush to remove crust from the bumpers, or even the special wheel rim brush to clean even the most difficult and encrusted places on the car’s rims as quickly as possible.

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Wash your car with the Galaxy 160 high-pressure cleaner.

Galaxy 160 is one of the best Lavor models for cleaning cars, motorbikes and large surfaces. This cold water high-pressure cleaner is perfect for frequent use and for removing particularly stubborn dirt, such as mud encrusted on bumpers or organic substances on the roof.

With this high-pressure cleaner, it will be very easy to:

  • Remove the most stubborn dirt from wheel rims, bumpers and exterior fixtures, thanks to the rotating brush, which works deeply by combining the action of the bristles with a rotating motion;
  • Re-clean the area where the car was washed, or anywhere outside your home, such as yards, patios or porches, thanks to the patio cleaner, specially designed for cleaning large surfaces;
  • Use it and store it effortlessly thanks to the hose reel, which lets you always keep your equipment neat and tidy.


In fact, alongside the power of the jet and the strength of the structure, it comes with many accessories, in addition to the previously mentioned brush and patio cleaner, you will, of course, also find a quick-fit gun, a quick-fit lance, a fixed water brush, a foam sprayer with tank, a rotox head with rotating jet for stubborn dirt and a variojet head with a needle/fan jet.

What’s more, due to its full range of accessories, this model is also perfect for outdoor home maintenance, from walls to paths, from gutters to pipes. In fact, Galaxy 160 is compatible with all the wide range of LAVOR optional accessories, including pipe cleaner probes up to 15 metres for unblocking outdoor pipes, also available with a smaller diameter for unblocking the smallest household pipes.

Look after your car and your home with a high-pressure cleaner. With Lavor, you always get the result you want in no time at all, with no effort, while also saving water from the comfort of your own home.

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