High-pressure, vacuum, carpet and steam cleaners: must-have equipment for any car wash

equipment for car wash

When cleaning at home isn’t enough to get your vehicle spick and span, you need to take it to a car wash. The best professional products are available here to achieve an excellent result while preserving protecting 

your car, scooter or other type of vehicle, even large vehicles.

In order to guarantee an excellent level of cleanliness, every car wash must have professional equipment to guarantee this result: here are all must-have products.

Car wash: all the essential professional equipment

Car washes clean not only cars or scooters, but also large vehicles like camper vans, trucks or lorries, and sometimes even, military vehicles. This is why it is essential to choose top quality products which guarantee excellent standards of quality in terms of cleanliness and performance. Car washes work at a very fast pace, so being able to rely on professional cleaning tools that are hard-wearing, strong, reliable and made of durable materials becomes highly important.

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The professional equipment that is essential in any car wash includes the following:

  • Professional high-pressure cleaners for use with hot and cold water, ideal for cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. They use water pressure to remove stubborn dirt and reach hidden parts;
  • Professional vacuum cleaners, ideal for cleaning interiors such as seats, mats and drink holders;
  • Carpet cleaners: vacuum cleaners with a pump to inject a water-based solution into the upholstery that is extracted into the collection tank. For cleaning all the car upholstery;
  • Steam cleaners, perfect for deep-down cleaning and efficient sanitisation. The heat of the steam eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria while removing stains and ingrained dirt.

All these products provide an excellent and versatile performance thanks to the numerous compatible accessories included, so you have the right product for all your needs. Once you’ve identified the solutions required for professional cleaning in car washes, it is important to choose the right products for a sound investment.

HLR: the perfect high-pressure cleaner for car washes

An excellent professional high-pressure cleaner that is highly suitable for car washes is the HLR, a hot water model available in a variety of versions which differ in capacity, pressure and type of motor. This high-pressure cleaner is excellent both for small and larger-scale car washes, for handling a substantial workload and fast work rate.

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The HLR high-pressure cleaner:

  • has a nickel-plated brass pump head which guarantees greater long-term strength and durability. This coating preserves the pump from any damage that could be caused by continual use of detergent, thus reducing deterioration through cavitation;
  • 1450 rpm for greater long-term durability of the motor pump;
  • Vertical diesel-powered boiler with a steel heating coil.

This model also includes a variety of compatible accessories, such as:

  • The 350 bar gun, 45 l/min and 160°C, with ergonomic handle for easy washing of any type of vehicle;
  • The 700mm stainless steel lance maintains the water pressure and flow rate thanks to its range, guaranteeing excellent washing results under the bodywork as well;
  • High-pressure nozzle, to thoroughly and effectively clean every part of the vehicle, from the largest surfaces to the smallest details;
  • The high-pressure 10-metre 350 bar hose, ideal for reaching every part of the vehicle, regardless of its size, such as the top of high-sided trucks or buses.

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Professional vacuuming with Taurus PR and Costellation IR

To clean the interior of any type of vehicle, it is important to use a professional vacuum cleaner, such as the Taurus PR. The key features of this product are:

  • the 3 extraction motors with by-pass cooling, equipped with independent switch-on to progressively increase their performance;
  • the tilting tank, for quick and easy emptying in just a few moves;
  • the cloth filter for easy cleaning of the vacuum cleaner and simplified routine maintenance.

The numerous accessories included can be combined thus customising the Taurus PR depending on the use, so you always have the best tool for the surface and type of dirt you need to vacuum.

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Completing Lavor’s range for total and professional vacuum cleaning is the Costellation IR, a handy wet & dry vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner with injection/extraction function, ideal for removing all types of dust and liquids and for washing upholstery and seats. Costellation comes with a complete carpet cleaning accessory and its main features include:

  • an injection/extraction upholstery washing system, which leaves surfaces clean and dry;
  • the tilting tank for easy emptying;
  • 2 extraction motors with by-pass cooling, with independent switch-on.

The new ETNA range, for total sanitisation

The GV Etna-R steam cleaner with vacuum function is the ideal solution for cleaning and sanitising any type of vehicle, guaranteeing an excellent result in terms of vacuuming and sanitisation, thanks to the 165°C steam and 7 bar pressure. The main features of the new GV Etna-R model are:

  • improved user-friendliness, thanks to the control panel, two ON/OFF switches with indicator light, steam flow regulator and warning lights to monitor steam, water quantity and any maintenance required;
  • unlimited autonomy thanks to continuous boiler refilling;
  • possibility of accessing the drain hose without removing the head;
  • maximum safety thanks to the 2 safety thermostats, 1 pressure switch and 1 mechanical relief valve.

The GV Etna-R FOAM model also combines all these benefits with the dense foam cleaning function, for easy, clearly visible distribution, thus avoiding unwashed, missed areas. The dense foam also guarantees deep-down cleaning.

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GV Etna-R includes numerous accessories for complete and professional cleaning, such as the carpet accessory, glass wiper with steam nozzle, angled brush, extension hose and 3-brush set (PEK, stainless steel and brass).

Offer your customers a top-of-the-range cleaning service with the Lavor professional line. Choose hard-wearing, versatile and high-performance products to guarantee the best result against any type of dirt, even the most stubborn.

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