High-pressure cleaner: all the tips for its best use

high-pressure cleaner

The high-pressure cleaner is an excellent appliance which can bring a revolution to the outdoor care of your home and beyond! This versatile, multi-purpose tool provides an excellent level of cleanliness, saving time,

effort and money.

But how to figure out which model is best suited to your needs, how to carry out proper maintenance, always getting the best result, even after frequent use? Let's find out how to choose the perfect high-pressure cleaner for you and turn it into the indispensable ally for your household cleaning jobs.

How many bars should a high-pressure cleaner have? Find out with the Lavor Washing Level

The high-pressure cleaner is an extremely versatile household cleaning appliance, perfect for cleaning gardens, pools, motorcycles ,cars, bicycles, outdoor furniture, flooring and more! Thanks to the included accessories and the many optional accessories compatible with the different models, you can customize its use, making it the perfect tool even for carrying out small maintenance jobs, such as cleaning roofs and gutters. The great advantage of this product is the power of the jet, which provides a great advantage in terms of results but also economy, time and water, with water savings of up to 70% compared to traditional household cleaning tools.

Each high-pressure cleaner has specific features based on the frequency of use, size of the surface to work on and the presence or absence of a wealth of accessories, ideal for making it a versatile and high-performance tool.

Utilizzo francesco STM WPS sedie

To help you choose the perfect high-pressure cleaner for your household cleaning, Lavor has devised the Washing Level, a six-level classification which shows the ideal purpose of use for each model, starting with its technical features. Here is how to use this classification:

  • Washing Level 1, with a pressure of 100 bar, includes models ideal for occasional use for small cleaning tasks, such as tools or small cars;
  • Washing Level 2, with a pressure of 110-120 bar, includes the perfect high-pressure cleaners for deep cleaning of surfaces between 20 sqm and 40 sqm;
  • Washing Level 3, with a pressure of 120-135 bar, encompasses the ideal solutions for working on tough dirt in areas between 40 sqm and 60 sqm;
  • Washing Level 4, with a pressure of 135-145 bar, includes the perfect high-pressure cleaners for deep, recurring use and cleaning floors, RVs, motorcycles, vans and yards;
  • Washing Level 5, with a pressure of 150-160 bar, encompasses the ideal high-pressure cleaners for recurring use on the toughest dirt and deep cleaning of dirt bikes, tractors and large outdoor spaces up to 100 sqm;
  • Washing Level 6, with a pressure of 160-180 bar, includes top-of-the-line models for home cleaning. These are the ideal solutions for deep cleaning of large spaces, such as gazebos, swimming pools, porches and all types of vehicles.

Which high-pressure cleaner to choose for frequent use

If you are looking for an excellent high-pressure cleaner for frequent use, the best solutions to choose from are those classified as Washing Level 5 and Washing Level 6.

An excellent model, classified as Washing Level 6, is STM 160 WPS PLUS ideal for surfaces even over 100 sqm. This high-pressure cleaner is ideal for cleaning tough dirt on large surfaces, also thanks to the many accessories included such as the foam lance with tank, stationary brush, rotary brush and patio cleaner, which allows for excellent results on outdoor flooring without splashes or waste.

Energy saving and gentleness of use are ensured by the WPS washing system. The Lavor patented Washing Program System allows choosing from three washing modes, depending on the type of surface you are going to work on:

  • SOFT, ideal for delicate surfaces and less tough dirt: washing with this mode saves up to 50% energy;
  • MEDIUM, for washing cars, bicycles or plastic garden furniture;
  • HARD, for resistant surfaces such as stone and concrete or for removing tough dirt, such as that often found on farm vehicles.

Utilizzo francesco STM WPS auto

In contrast, an ideal model for cleaning surfaces up to 100 sqm is LVR5 Plus Digit, Washing Level 5, which is perfect for removing particularly tough dirt. This model has a brass-headed induction motor which ensures quieter operation and longer life than standard motors. The various included accessories, such as the tilted metal lance, floor washer and 8-meter hose, make it versatile and perfect for targeted and effective job.

An important added value of this model is Lavor's Digit Control System, designed to ensure safe operation and simplify maintenance. This feature enables easy maintenance and safe operation thanks to the convenient panel which enables to control all product functions.

How to maintain your high-pressure cleaner

After purchasing the perfect high-pressure cleaner for you, it's time to use it for the first time! The easy and intuitive system and the presence of the printed or digital manual make it very easy to use this tool. To achieve an excellent result from the very first use, remember to:

  • Choose the most suitable accessory: you will find many specific accessories to choose from, such as nozzles, lances, spray guns, floor washers or pipe-flushing probes. Make sure, even with the support of the manual, that you choose the most suitable product for the specific application to achieve the result you want;
  • Use the adjustable foam lance where needed. After washing the area you're working on, detach the accessory from the gun in one click and replace it with the foam lance to cleanse and sanitize ... without waste!
  • Do a final rinse to remove any remaining dirt or foam still on the surface. Now you are ready to move on to the next wash, always relying on the right accessory.

Lavor LCR Honda STM WPS

After the first use, it is important to periodically attend to the maintenance of your high-pressure cleaner. This way you will always be sure to get the best result with every wash, without wasting water, money, time and, most importantly, effort!

Carrying out maintenance on your high-pressure cleaner is very simple:

  • After each use check the status of all the components you have used. In case something shows damage or does not work, contact a specialized technician right away: a timely intervention will allow you to obtain important financial savings and not to find yourself stuck for the next cleaning;
  • At the end of your work always empty the internal water circuit. Making this step is ultra simple: disconnect the supply hose, turn on your pressure washer for 15-20 seconds (maximum) and switch on the spray gun by operating the lever. In this way you can let out all the residual water, preventing scale buildup;
  • Clean all the tools you've been using, such as filters (in case they are not self-cleaning), nozzles, spray guns and lances, with a solution consisting of water and limescale remover;
  • Depending on the frequency of use, periodically check the condition of all components subject to wear, such as o-rings, (water/oil) seals and filters.

Whichever model best suits your needs, relying on a Lavor high-pressure cleaner will provide effective cleaning on all types of dirt, saving time, money and bringing a green approach to your daily routine. Use your high-pressure cleaner on any surface to achieve a healthy, sanitized and clean environment without stress!

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