Cleaning the pool with the high pressure cleaner: all the advantages

cleaning the pool with the high pressure cleaner

With the arrival of summer, it is finally possible to take full advantage of gardens, patios, verandas and courtyards. Barbecues and outdoor games become part of everyday life and for those who own a

swimming pool, every day is the right opportunity for a cool bath or a swim.

After so many months of inactivity during the winter period, it is normal to find the pool in very bad condition, with dirt, scale, insects, foliage and guano. A deep cleaning becomes a necessary action to be able to make the most of your pool, in a clean and safe environment. To do this, you can choose to rely on a maintenance service, or, for those who want to take care of the cleaning of their pool independently, there is only one solution: choosing a high pressure cleaner. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to thoroughly clean the pool, saving money and obtaining an excellent result.

Cleaning the pool with the high pressure cleaner: where to start

With the use of a high pressure cleaner it is very easy to transform a dirty pool into a place of relaxation and fun. These solutions, complete and with a wealth of accessories, act on all types of stains and fouling, taking advantage of a winning mix of pressure, flow rate, right supply of accessories and detergent (where necessary).


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If after several months of inactivity your pool is strewn with leaves, soil, moss, mould, foliage, insects and organic debris, no need to worry: using your high pressure cleaner you can make your pool sparkling clean and safe once again. To do this, it is important to follow some simple steps:

  • Drain the pool. If you have not done this during the winter, it is time to remove all the water from the pool and let it dry well. In this way, it will be possible to act even on the most resistant fouling;
  • Cover any electrical parts, such as pumps, motors and heating systems, thus avoiding causing damage to them;
  • If necessary, divide the pool into sections, monitoring the cleaning step by step and avoiding neglecting stains and debris;
  • Apply the adjustable foam wand to your high pressure cleaner and use it by spraying from top to bottom. Let the applied detergent act for 5-10 minutes, wetting it continuously with a low-pressure jet. In this way, you will prevent it from drying quickly or dispersing on the surface;
  • Then apply the lance and rinse the detergent while continuing to use a movement from top to bottom.
  • That’s all there is to it! The area will then be perfectly clean. You can move on to cleaning another surface of your pool, such as the bottom of the pool, by repeating the same actions.

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Remove algae from the pool

For those who own a swimming pool, another important problem that can recur periodically is the presence of algae. These are formed mainly in areas such as filter nozzles and ladders, causing significant damage, from the proliferation of bacteria and the obstruction of pipelines.

Algae removal also becomes a quick and easy process when done using a high pressure cleaner. The jet of water under pressure is able to remove them completely, acting even on the most difficult points. In addition, it is possible to combine the use of an algaecide with the jet or, alternatively, by brushing on the area a mix consisting of 4/5 of water and 1/5 of bleach. Allow the substance to act for about 10 minutes and it will then be possible to remove it using a low-pressure jet.

A Clean pool in minutes with LVR Plus 160 Digit

In choosing the perfect high pressure cleaner for cleaning your pool, the dimensions and the material of which it is composed play a fundamental role. An excellent high pressure cleaner for cleaning a pool is LVR Plus 160 Digit. Compact and easy to handle, it is perfect for frequent use, for large surfaces and to remove the most stubborn dirt.

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Among the strengths of the LVR Plus 160 Digit, we find:

  • Digital Control System, which allows you to remotely monitor all the functions of the high pressure cleaner. Thanks to this system, taking care of the high pressure cleaner becomes very simple: every time it is necessary to carry out a maintenance activity, the product itself will indicate it. In addition, with the Digital Control System you can choose between three washing programmes (SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD), always making the most of the potential of this tool;
  • Quick coupling on the gun side and pump side, a solution that further simplifies the use of the high pressure cleaner for cleaning the pool. Connecting the tube, gun, nozzles, lances, brushes or the foam wand is simple and fast, allowing a considerable saving of time and avoiding mishaps;
  • Adjustable foaming system, to avoid waste of detergent or soaps, and thus avoiding damage to the environment and the surface itself. The supplied foaming system delivers a dense foam that adheres to the surfaces and dissolves even the most stubborn dirt.

In addition, LVR Plus 160 Digit includes many accessories that simplify the cleaning of the pool, and that also allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of a high pressure cleaner all year round, being effective also for cleaning fences, outdoor furniture, work tools, outdoor flooring, cars and bicycles.

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Some of the compatible accessories (included and not) with LVR Plus 160 Digit, are:

  • The high pressure nozzles, ideal for cleaning between the joints of tiles and to remove the calcifications that can form inside the pool;
  • The brushes, fixed and rotating, which allow you to thoroughly clean even large surfaces, particularly useful for the removal of stubborn dirt that is created along the waterline;
  • The floor washer accessory, ideal for cleaning the entire surface of the pool in no time, always ensuring a high level of cleanliness;
  • The 8-metre high-pressure hose, which simplifies cleaning, avoiding having to continuously move the high pressure cleaner even inside large pools.

Routine maintenance with SWIMMY

After cleaning the pool with the high pressure cleaner, it’s time to fill it and finally enjoy that cool refreshment, ideal during the hot summer days. Anyone who has a swimming pool, especially if surrounded by nature or near trees, knows, however, that keeping the water and the bottom clean is a job that must be done frequently and that takes a lot of time. To simplify this step, helping you to enjoy water that is always clear, LAVOR has created the SWIMMY vacuum cleaner, a wet & dry vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning the bottom of the pool.

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Swimmy in fact:

  • It is equipped with a 5-metre flexible hose that allows you to move freely around the pool to clean the bottom and a 5-metre drain pipe to be able to return the clean water into the pool, or to drain the vacuumed water into a drain manhole;
  • It has 4 rigid extensions for a total length of 1.8 metres to reach every corner of the bottom of the pool;
  • It has a sponge filter, necessary to suck liquids, and a mesh filter at the outlet of the drain pipe to retain impurities;
  • It has an electronic board that controls the suction/emptying phase so that you can work continuously;
  • It is versatile because, in addition to being a vacuum cleaner for swimming pools, changing the type of filter you can use it as a normal vacuum cleaner, ideal for the garage, the car, the basement and anywhere else you need it in your home.

Don’t waste time unnecessarily cleaning your pool with abrasive sponges, detergents, brooms and sponges: choose a high pressure cleaner, speed up cleaning and enjoy the beauty and freshness of your pool! And once your pool is clean and enjoyable again, use Swimmy to keep the bottom always in perfect shape: LAVOR your secret to have a tidy and clean pool with always clear water every time you use it.

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