Clean and sanitized environments with the steam generator

steam generator

To thoroughly clean any room, it is important to rely on professional products, which offer benefits in terms of time and cost investment, even in the long run. If it is essential to rely on a high-pressure cleaner to clean

and wash surfaces, the best solution to sanitize rooms is undoubtedly the steam generator.

In fact, this apparatus removes all kinds of dirt, degreases and sanitizes all surfaces, avoiding the use of chemicals and without any effort. Moreover, due to the gaseous nature of the jet, it can easily reach every spot, even the least visible ones, achieving deep and thorough cleaning. Let's find out how it works and how to make the most of a steam generator for cleaning your work spaces, such as schools, offices, hospitals, cafeterias and restaurants, kitchens and shops, industries, and much more.

What is the steam generator

As the name implies, a steam generator is an apparatus that generates steam at constant pressure, thus allowing water to pass from the liquid to the gaseous state. Its structure minimizes water loss, offering water savings of up to 90%. Due to its high temperature, water vapor sanitizes surfaces, making them clean and safe and eliminating bacteria and germs.

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Looking at its structure, a professional-type steam generator consists of:

  • A boiler, essential for turning water into steam;
  • A pressure pump for the delivery of the jet;
  • A flex hose, which is directly connected to the boiler at one end. Attached to the other side of the hose, however, are lances, nozzles and several other accessories, which enable all kinds of surfaces to be cleaned, from the smallest parts to larger areas;
  • Two tanks, one for water and one for detergent, which can be used in case even deeper cleaning is required such as in food industries where we find greasy or oily dirt.

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Depending on the percentage of water and steam, steam generators are divided into three categories:

  • saturated steam with a fair percentage of water;
  • dry saturated steam, where water is completely made to evaporate before the jet;
  • wet saturated steam, the model most commonly used in professional settings and which includes water particles within the steam.

How to sanitize with the professional steam generator

By using a professional steam generator any room can be sanitized. This is due to the high temperature reached by the steam: in fact, below 140° we cannot speak of sanitization, but only of ordinary cleaning.

Among the sectors where it is important to reach these temperatures to achieve a good level of cleanliness is the catering industry. In fact, here, it is essential to comply with specific legislative regulations in order to keep the environment clean and free of germs and bacteria while maintaining excellent hygienic standards.

Inside cafeterias, restaurants, canteens and food service stores, being able to use a steam generator to clean floors, tools, countertops, and walls is a cheap, fast and environmentally supportive solution, as well as an extremely effective one. Indeed, a safe and thorough cleaning can be achieved in a matter of seconds, without having to use harsh chemicals and detergents, which could contaminate food as well as generate an unhealthy work environment for staff. In addition, steam does not corrode surfaces and it can be used continuously on tools and furniture without fear of damaging them.

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Due to its versatility, a professional steam generator can support cleaning in different modes:

  • Sanitizing action, ideal for restaurant kitchens, canteens, sports facilities, public restrooms, pharmaceutical or food industries and hospitals;
  • Degreasing action, where steam dissolves dirt, especially in those areas otherwise difficult to access for deep cleaning. This makes it possible to remove debris and organic material such as grease, soil and dust in kitchens or industrial environments;
  • Decontaminating action, where steam eliminates the contaminating effects of chemical and biological substances;
  • Degassing action, thanks to steam, it is able to remove the gas remains of hydrocarbons, inside refineries, tanks or gas stations.

Sanitize thoroughly with the GV Vesuvio range

For those looking for a top-performing steam generator with simple and intuitive operation, an excellent solution for professional environments is GV Vesuvio. Equipped with a wheeled trolley for easy and effortless transportation, this saturated steam apparatus generates highly sanitizing steam reaching 180° at a constant temperature. The apparatus is fully warmed up in only 6 minutes and, thanks to the presence of technical devices such as pressure gauge, discharge valve, temperature control and continuous boiler feed, it is easy to use by the operator, ensuring maximum results at all times.

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The GV Vesuvio steam generator has many accessories included, making it an even better performing and multipurpose apparatus, such as:

  • The steam spraying gun with 3.5m hose, to move freely in rooms;
  • The squeegee, to make it easier to clean glass or mirrors;
  • Straight and curved lances to direct the jet more precisely, reaching even the most hidden places;
  • The 3-brush kit, to remove encrusted dirt effortlessly even in joints or cracks.

By using a steam generator, every cleaning and sanitizing task will become quick and easy, thus protecting the working environment and always offering maximum results and reduced water consumption.

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