Choosing a high-pressure cleaner for household use

Choosing a high-pressure washer for household use

A variety of high-pressure washer models are available on the market, from the most compact and standard to the best performing. If they are used for purposes for which they were designed, all high-pressure washers can be effective, i.e., if we choose a standard model for demanding jobs, we will not be satisfied. If, however, we use it only for small jobs such as cleaning a bike or garden tools, it will be ideal.

In order, therefore, to choose the most suitable high-pressure washer for your needs, you must make a primary assessment of what it will be used for and how often.

To help you choose the model that best fits your needs, Lavor has come up with Washing Level, a PURCHASING GUIDE that is easy, rapid and safe.

The WASHING LEVEL indicates the degree of washing achievable by a high-pressure household cleaner that takes into account a mix of performance (pressure, flow rate and power consumption). Moreover, it includes a figure for frequency of use, consistency of dirt to be removed and the area of the surface to be treated.


Washing Level 1 | Idropulitrice LVR by Lavor

Max Pressure: 100 bar / Absorbed Power: 1300 W / Flow rate: 330 l/h
For very;occasional use, small areas and surface dirt.
Great for those who do not have a detached house but want to clean bicycles, tools and small cars.


Washing Level 2 | Idropulitrice LVR by Lavor

Max Pressure: 110-120 bar / Absorbed Power: 1500-1700 W / Flow rate: 330-360 l/h
For occasional use, this is still a standard high-pressure cleaner but is appropriate for deep cleaning of surface dirt for small to medium surfaces.


Washing Level 3 | Idropulitrice LVR by Lavor

Max Pressure: 125-130 bar / Absorbed Power: 1800W / Flow rate: 390-400 l/h
When use is relatively frequent, a high-pressure cleaner with a slightly more powerful motor, from 1800 W upwards, is more effective. This high-pressure cleaner can already be used for the light cleaning of persistent dirt and for medium-sized surfaces.


Washing Level 4 | Idropulitrice LVR by Lavor

Max Pressure: 135-145 bar / Absorbed Power: 1900-2100W / Flow rate: 400-450 l/h
This degree of power and pressure is an excellent compromise between compactness and power, for frequent use and cleaning stubborn dirt. This high-pressure cleaner can be used for the yard or patio in the home and the cleaning of vehicles such as vans, caravans, campers, motorcycles and lawnmowers.

MODELLO CONSIGLIATO: LAVOR LVR3 140, il modello base della gamma LVR, semplice e intuitivo, con una potenza di 140 bar. È l’idropulitrice ideale per chi vuole curare auto, moto e spazi esterni della propria casa.







Washing Level 5 | Idropulitrice LVR by Lavor

Max Pressure: 150-160 bar / Absorbed Power: 2100-2500 W / Flow rate: 450-520 l/h
This type of performance takes you almost to the TOP of the range of high-pressure household cleaners. It can be used for the deep cleaning of stubborn dirt, for frequent cleaning of vehicles such as motocross bikes or garden tractors, and for the cleaning of medium-sized outdoor areas.

Idropulitrice LVR4 WPS by LavorRECOMMENDED MODEL: LAVOR LVR4 150WPS, a pressure of 150 bar and a WPS SYSTEM, which selects the washing programme to protect delicate surfaces and save electricity.







Washing Level 6 | Idropulitrice LVR by Lavor

Max Pressure: 160-180 bar / Absorbed Power: 2500-2800W / Flow rate: 520-570 l/h
Top of the range in high-pressure household cleaners
, for very frequent use to clean all types of vehicles and for the deep cleaning of particularly persistent dirt. The ideal cleaner for those who have large outdoor areas such as large gardens with swimming pools, terraces, relaxation areas and gazebos.

Idropulitrice LVR4 digit Plus by Lavor

RECOMMENDED MODEL: LAVOR LVR4 160 Plus Digit, top of the range model with a pressure of 160 bar, WPS SYSTEM that selects the washing programme, hose reel, and an innovative Digit Control System that monitors all the main functions of the high-pressure cleaner.

To get the best out of your high-pressure cleaner, we also recommend that you follow a few simple rules regarding use and routine maintenance.




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