Big end-of-winter fireplace cleanup with the ash vacuum cleaner

ash vacuum cleaner

By thoroughly cleaning all those rooms and spaces that are used only at certain times of the year, it is essential to be able to experience a healthy and clean environment, preventing mold residues, scale or bad

odors from appearing over time. This is the case with pellet stoves and fireplaces, which are widely used solutions particularly useful for heating homes during the coldest months of the year.

With the arrival of spring and milder temperatures, the use of these tools slowly wanes, waiting until fall for new use. In such cases, it becomes essential to carry out a deep and thorough cleaning of pellet stoves and fireplaces, so as to avoid any damage and to maintain a clean and healthy home environment.

To do the big end-of-winter cleanup quickly and thoroughly, a very useful tool is the ash vacuum cleaner, a cleaning tool that, in just a few steps, can pick up all the dirt deposited at the bottom of fireplaces and pellet stoves, keeping them in perfect condition until the next big freeze.

What are the advantages of the ash vacuum cleaner?

When we talk about cleaning, to achieve maximum benefits in a short time, the ideal solution is to rely on a highly functional and specialized tool. For this reason, to clean fireplaces and pellet stoves, it is not enough to use a classic vacuum cleaner, which is unsuitable because not equipped with filters and nozzles designed for use, but it is important to rely on an ash vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the vacuum cleaner, in fact, this product is equipped with a special internal filtering system that allows sucking up and collecting all the ash accumulated on a surface, preventing obstruction or damage to the tool, even in case of frequent use; it is also equipped with a steel drum and flexible hose suitable for ash vacuuming.

This is possible due to the very structure of the ash vacuum cleaner, which consists of:

  • Head, inside which the motor is placed. This, by sucking in air, generates the "vacuum effect" which is essential to the very operation of the tool;
  • Steel suction hose. Easy to handle, it allows the suction jet to be directed where the user wishes. In addition, it can be accessorized with specific solutions that further optimize its action, such as a flat metal lance or a brush with steel bristles, for maximum results even on perforated, stone or unusually shaped surfaces;
  • Filtration system, consisting of special filters designed to prevent ash from damaging the internal components of the ash vacuum cleaner. In addition, it can be equipped with a prefilter providing additional protection to the internal motor components. The filters making up the system can be cloth or washable cartridge filters;

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  • Steel collection container, inside which the extracted ash is deposited. Again, to protect the operation of the tool, some models have a metal separator that allows the ash intake to be isolated from the motor, going to a separate drum section to collect it;
  • Pneumatic filter shaker, for even more thorough filter cleaning. Thanks to this system, the filter can be cleaned by pushing a simple button that activates, precisely, the automatic shaking action. In this way, even the last grains left inside the filtration system will be properly deposited in the internal collector.

Thanks to its special features, the ash vacuum cleaner thus allows for an excellent level of cleanliness even with frequent use, thus removing significant amounts of ash without damage to the tool itself.

With the use of optional accessories, such as crevice lances or round brushes with metal bristles, even more thorough cleaning will be achieved, removing any ash deposits that have accumulated between the bricks or inside the joints. In this way it will be possible to carry out thorough maintenance of fireplaces and pellet stoves, preventing excessive dust from damaging their components or generating unpleasant odors over the months.

How to clean fireplaces and stoves with an ash vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the fireplace or pellet stove with an ash vacuum cleaner is super easy. The operating system is fully automatic and with the convenient buttons you can choose the most suitable setting for your needs according to the required cleaning power. Accessories are also easily attached with a few clicks, allowing for quick changes even during the same cleaning cycle.

Here are some tips for performing a big end-of-winter cleaning of fireplaces and pellet stoves:

  • By means of convenient tongs, remove debris or large wooden parts that could clog the suction hose;
  • Make sure the ash is well cooled to avoid damaging the internal operating system of the ash vacuum cleaner;
  • In fireplaces, where the amount of residue produced is significantly higher than in pellet stoves, try to remove most of the ash first with a dustpan and then finish cleaning with an ash vacuum cleaner for optimal results;
  • Especially in the case of the pellet stove, remember to use the right accessory. In this way you will be able to carry out complete maintenance, reaching even the smallest or hidden parts. In particular, be sure to remove deposits that settle inside the ash tray and in the drop channel
  • The ash produced by pellet stoves is thinner than that produced by wood. For excellent suction, be sure to use a washable cartridge filter and equip your ash vacuum cleaner with a fine dust prefilter. In this way you will protect the operation of your tool even more and improve the cleanliness of the stove.

With these little tricks, the big end-of-winter cleaning of your fireplace and pellet stove will be a quick and easy task. In the fall you will thus find these tools ready for the next use, without having to take action on any scaling or mold that may have been produced.

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Ash vacuum cleaner even in summer for cleaning barbecues and wood-burning ovens

Buying an ash vacuum cleaner is an excellent year-round investment. Once the big end-of-winter cleanups of pellet stoves and fireplaces are over, even in summer this tool finds its place in your garden.

With the arrival of warm weather, the time comes for lovers of good food and conviviality to pull their barbecues out of the garages and set up fantastic outdoor grills. Here, the intense use of charcoal and wood generates large amounts of ash, especially following large dinners or parties attended by a large group of friends and acquaintances.

Again, for immediate and thorough cleaning, the ash vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue of householders, speeding up their actions and achieving an excellent result. While the same rules already stated for the fireplace also apply to the wood-burning oven, here are a few tips for making the best use of the ash vacuum cleaner for cleaning your barbecue:

  • Do not use detergents or other substances before starting the ash vacuum cleaner. In fact, in this case, these products would thicken the remaining ash, making it more difficult to remove. Instead, first remove all dust and then move on to manual cleaning or the use of other specific products such as, for example, the high-pressure cleaner which is very useful for cleaning and degreasing grates and other encrusted parts;
  • Do not use water to quickly cool the ash and debris. In this case, in fact, the mush created would clog the filter, damaging your ash vacuum cleaner;
  • Do not vacuum material while it is still hot. Wait a few hours before cleaning the barbecue - it will be worth it!


Ashley 901 ash vacuum cleaner for your household cleaning

If you are looking for the perfect ash vacuum cleaner for your recurring or occasional cleaning, Ashley 901 is the perfect choice for any type of home. Small and compact, it can be easily stored in closets or understairs spaces and moved effortlessly within different rooms.

Designed to collect cold ash from fireplaces, ovens, ashtrays, stoves and barbecues, the Ashley 901 ash vacuum cleaner offers several advantages, such as:

  • The 18-liter metal ash collection tank;
  • The washable filter. This accessory allows greater protection of the internal motor, preventing ash from getting past the filter and reaching electrical components. The filter can be washed after each use or, for small operations, when ash accumulation becomes significant. In this way, an excellent and consistent degree of filtration can be achieved, even over time;
  • The fine dust prefilter, in addition to the filter supplied, which is especially ideal for cleaning pellet stoves but also for any other type of use, for greater protection of your motor;
  • The pneumatic filter shaker, to simplify the very maintenance of the tool.

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Thanks to the ash vacuum cleaner, you can enjoy year-round relaxation and enjoyment of fireplaces, stoves, barbecues or ovens, putting aside the stress and hassle of post-use cleaning and protecting the operation of your tools. Use this product for daily or extraordinary cleaning and always get the maximum cleaning you want, quickly and easily!

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