Ash extractors for fireplaces, stoves and barbecues: a guide for your purchases

Ash extractors

We are always looking for the best solution to clean out home effectively, easily and quickly. Relying on the right product is essential to achieve this, resulting in a consistently clean and sanitized environment

without stress or strain.

And when the challenge involves the cleaning of fireplaces, stoves and barbecues, it is essential to intervene quickly, preventing odors from spreading into the home. A valuable ally for cleaning stoves, fireplaces and barbecues is the ash extractor, the perfect solution for effortlessly removing excess dirt in a matter of seconds. Let’s go over all the benefits of this professional cleaning product and how to choose the best model for your home.

Ash extractor or vacuum cleaner?

When we choose to purchase a household cleaning product, it may happen that we confuse its functions by comparing it to other similar models. However, the risk is to rely on a solution that is effective, but not suitable for those specific cleaning needs. This is the case, for example, when we talk about vacuum cleaner and ash extractor, two products that are very similar in terms of structure but different in terms of internal functions.

In comparing these two products, it is important to know that:

  • The vacuum cleaner is the ideal product for quick and deep cleaning of all kinds of surfaces, since it quickly removes crumbs, dust and debris, and leaves our rooms thoroughly clean in a matter of moments. There are also some models allowing for the suction of liquids or performing very well on certain types of surfaces, such as carpet;
  • An ash extractor is a type of vac with some specific technical and structural features inside making it the perfect solution for vacuuming and removing ash from fireplaces, stoves and barbecues in a matter of moments. What makes the difference is the special custom-made internal filtering system, which makes ash extraction easy and safe.

Choosing the right product for cleaning stoves, barbecues and fireplaces is crucial in order to achieve the best results in terms of vacuuming and to protect the operation of the product itself. Conversely, removing ash with only the use of a vac not equipped with the appropriate internal filter can cause serious and irreparable damage to the product, impairing its use.



Ash extractor: features and benefits

The ash extractor is the perfect ally for cleaning fireplaces, stoves and barbecues. To understand its full potential, it is important to analyze its structure and operation, as these technological features make it the ideal solution for vacuuming, filtering and collecting all ash accumulated on a surface. Like any vacuum cleaner, the ash extractor consists of a few main parts:

  • The head housing the electric motors generating the “vacuum effect” essential to start the vacuum system;
  • The filtration system, which in the case of the ash extractor consists of internal filters designed to serve as a barrier against this type of material, which is very fine and highly clogging, thus preventing it from damaging or generating malfunctions and compromising the individual components. The filtering system can consist of a simple cloth filter or a washable cartridge filter. This can be provided with a prefilter, which is useful for increasing the degree of filtration, further protecting the motor. Some models also have a metal separator allowing ash to be collected in a separate portion of the drum from the vacuuming motor;
  • The steel collection container, which holds the vacuumed material;
  • The steel suction hose, sometimes lined with plastic. This can be provided with specific accessories, such as crevice lances or round brushes with metal bristles, which further simplify vacuuming by adapting to the type of surface or shape, thus allowing complete and targeted vacuuming;
  • The pneumatic filter shaker, which allows with a simple push of a button to work on the filter, activating an automatic shaking action that frees the surface from remaining ash deposits. In this way, even the last grains can be conveyed into the internal collector.

Thanks to its internal structure and compatible accessories, the ash extractor keeps fireplaces, stoves and barbecues sparkling clean, even with frequent use. The vacuuming system works effectively on every surface, removing dust and dry debris from even the most hidden places. The filtering system protects the device itself, ensuring maximum performance even during the most intensive and frequent periods of use.

How to use the ash extractor

Small, compact, lightweight and easily transportable, the ash extractor allows keeping your home clean effortlessly and stress-free. However, in order to make the best use of this product, it is essential to note down a few small precautions so that you always get the maximum results in a very few moments, preventing unpleasant odors from dispersing throughout the house.

When cleaning the wood-burning fireplace with an ash vac, it is important to remember:

  • To use the product on completely cold ash and debris. It is essential to wait for total cooling and deposition of all organic material at the bottom of one’s chimney. This will make it possible to avoid damaging the ash extractor due to heat;
  • To remove any debris or large wooden parts that could obstruct the suction hose. Use tongs or other tools to avoid burning or further soiling the area around the chimney.


For cleaning pellet stoves with an ash extractor, it is useful to know that:

  • With the right accessory, it will be possible to carry out a thorough action on all components of your stove, even the smallest and most hidden ones. This will also allow the ash deposited in the ash tray and drop channel to be removed;
  • with a washable cartridge filter and a fine dust prefilter you can further optimize the degree of cleanliness of your stove, while also protecting the ash extractor itself. In fact, the ash produced by pellets is thinner than that produced by wood. By using these filters you can be sure to really clean your stove thoroughly.


When cleaning the barbecue with an ash extractor, remember:

  • to make sure debris and ash are well cooled before use;
  • Not to direct a water hose over the ash to cool it. In this case it will be important to wait until the ash is completely dry before operating the ash extractor. Otherwise, wet ash could clog the filter, blocking the suction system;
  • Not to use detergents or other substances before starting the ash extractor. In this case the ash mixed with detergent would compact, making the vacuum system ineffective.


Which ash extractor to choose?

For frequent and effortless use, it is essential to rely on a small, compact and easily transportable ash extractor, such as Ashley 901. Designed to collect cold ash from fireplaces, ovens, ashtrays, stoves, barbecues and all those places where ash accumulates, this product is ideal for thoroughly cleaning all kinds of surfaces, with quick and effective results.

The main advantages of the Lavor Ashley 901 ash extractor include:

  • The 18-liter metal drum suitable for ash collection;
  • The washable filter, for enhanced engine protection and longer service life. We can thus decide to wash the filter after each use or, in the case of small jobs, when there is a large accumulation of ash, thus maintaining an excellent degree of filtering constant over time;
  • The fine dust prefilter which, in addition to the cartridge filter, increases the barrier protecting the engine by preventing early clogging;
  • The pneumatic filter shaker which enables quick filter cleaning with a simple gesture.

Relying on the Lavor ash extractor to clean fireplaces, stoves and barbecues you will be sure to employ a high-performance product, even after heavy-duty and repeated use. You can easily remove ashes and debris without stress and effort, protect your home from bad-smelling odors and experience a pleasant and clean environment at all times.

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